Mar 26, 2017

Revenge, Ice Cream, And Other Things Best Served Cold (Broken Hearts & Revenge, #2)

revenge,ice cream,
and other things
best served cold.
Broken Hearts & Revenge,#2
katie finn.

Publisher  Feiwel & Friends.
Publication Date: May 5,2015
Genre: YA  Contemporary Romance.
Format|Pages:  Hardcover|400.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.

After the humiliating events on the 4th of July, Gemma's trying to handle the fact that Hallie knew who she was all along, and she was the one who stole Teddy from her. Gemma vows revenge, but things get more complicated than she planned. Ford, Gemma’s long-time crush, has arrived in the Hamptons cuter than ever. Josh is refusing to speak to her after she lied to him, and Teddy is playing champion to his beloved Marsh Warbler (in Gemma's backyard, no less).

Gemma and Hallie find themselves locked in an escalating revenge cycle. Just when Gemma thinks she has the upper hand, the biggest bombshell of all is dropped. And it’s one that threatens to change her life forever. 


No, how can she end it like this? With cliffhanger like that, I need to pick up the next book right away. Broken Hearts & Revenge is the most addictive series that I have read for 2017 at least. I thought that BROKEN HEARTS,FENCES AND OTHER THINGS TO MEND was pretty dramatic, but that was nothing compared to the 2nd installment in Broken Hearts & Revenge series. I had a feeling that it was going to be filled with quite bit of drama but even I wasn’t expecting this. I didn’t think that Hallie would go as far, to get Gemma almost arrested and get her fired from her job. It seemed like no matter what Gemma did, Hallie was step ahead of her and hit her harder. I believe that when she sent Gemma’s dad her old notebook that was the last straw. I was sure that would be the end of it, that Gemma would be done with it. I believe that she almost was till she discovered that she been planning this for years. 4 years. I had never heard of someone holding a grudge for that long. I have a big feeling that this might be a never-ending war. Especially after what Gwyn pulled at the end.

So you know how at the last book I was rooting for Josh and Gemma? I was still rooting for them when I just started reading REVENGE, ICE CREAM, AND OTHER THINGS BEST SERVED COLD but then Ford came into the picture. The two of them, I could see that they had a special bond especially since Ford was one person that could tell when Gemma was lying, when something was bothering her. Plus he helped her whatever she needed help with. I had a feeling that there was possibility that he had feelings for her. My first clue was when Sophie mentioned that Gemma might want her ex, Teddy back and the disappointment on his expression and had me wondering, was it possible that he could like her the way that she likes him? There was one time in kitchen when I was sure that he was going to tell her, but then it like he changed his mind. It did have me wondering what would happened if he did tell her. Then once she figured out that he might like her. I wonder if Ford might like her since that kiss the two of them shared three years earlier, that he been keeping it inside of him. Of course as you probably guessed I am Gemma and Ford fan and will be rooting for them. Besides it’s clear that Josh had moved on, despite the little moment that two of them had. I want to see if anything else develops between Ford and Gemma now that she knows.

As I said in beginning, that ending. Even when I found that it was Karen who wrote that Once Bitter novel, I suspected that they might be together but wasn’t sure. But that he married to her, that was unexpected. I believe that if anyone saw my expression, it would be as shocked as Hallie and Gemma were once they figured out. I know that it was the last thing that they wanted or expected. How can you not but wonder what happens now? Will they accept it or will they try to break it up? I know that I am curious, I mean how can I not be? Maybe there is a chance that this would put an end to Hallie and Gemma’s war? Considiring all the things that they did to each other, I don’t believe that it’s possible. Yet when it comes to these too, I don’t think that anything is impossible. How will it all come to an end? Broken Hearts & Revenge was the first series and books that I read by KATIE FINN and once I finish it, I will be checking out her other novels because I am hooked.


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