Aug 17, 2016

Little Red Riding Hood: Werewolf Slayer (Merlin's Hoods, #1)

little red riding hood
werewolf slayer .
Merlin's  Hoods,#1
carl waters.

Publisher  Bright  Sons Media.
Publication Date: November 3,2015
Genre:YA  Fantasy| Rettellings.
Format|Pages:  EBook|162.
 Source:  Received a free copy, for  review.

The legend is true. Beware the red cloak…

Sixteen-year-old Giselle has never strayed far from the watchful eye of her mother. While she's always looked up to the nurturing, yet powerful Adela, she wonders about the true significance of her mother's title: the Red Hood.

Giselle dreams of donning the red cloak herself some day. When the forces of evil gather to seek her mother's blood, the untrained Giselle is left on the sideline.
After a whirlwind of werewolves and tragedy strike the family, Giselle must quickly learn the true powers of the red cloak. Failure to do so will doom her to a fate much worse than death

Received Electronic Copy, in exchange of honest review 


For as a long as I remember I loved fairy tales retellings, but then I am fan of fairy tales to begin with. I love to see what twists an author would put on fairy tales, especially my favorite ones. Little Red Riding Hood has always been one of my favorites as a kid, I even read to my students at daycare that I work at. That’s very memorable story. LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD:WEREWOLF SLAYER Is the 2nd Riding Hood re-telling that I have read and I was blown away. It was unlike any fairy tale re-telling that I had read, a fairy tale that will have you see Little Red Hood in completely different light, instead of Little Red Riding Hood it’s Red Hood in training. LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD: WEREWOLF SLAYER was just the type of the book that I love. It had action, adventure and of course, revenge. I couldn’t get enough of this book and once I started it reading it, I couldn’t put it down till I reached the end.

The one downfall of this book was fact that it was short, shorter than I thought it would be. Once I reached the end, I was craving for more. I wanted, no needed to see what happens with rest of characters next, especially Giselle and Allison. Would she find her? If she killed her own sister so that she could get Red Hood, I am sure if meant getting the hood, she would come after Giselle as well. Giselle had grown up pretty fast in this book, mostly because she had no choice after her mother was murdered. Honestly I am not sure how she stayed as brave as she did after what happened. First her mother murdered in front of her, followed by werewolf’s hunting her down, finding out her mother’s secret. That’s a lot to handle for someone who is only 16 years old. To me, Giselle was brave cause no matter what was going on, she didn’t give up.

An astonishing re –telling of Little Red Riding Hood. I am happy that I got to read and review this novel, it was worth it. I am eager to see what adventures Giselle will face next. I can’t wait to get my hands on rest of the series. If you are fan on fairy tales, re-telling with a twist, a dark twist be sure to pick this book up. Be ready for a thrilling ride.


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