Jun 30, 2016

Tainted By Crazy Review.

tainted by crazy
abby mccarthy.

Publication Date: June 21,2016
Genre: YA  Contemporary Romance|Thriller
Format|Pages: E Book|311.
 Source:  Received an E ARC Copy, in exchange of review. 

“If you haven't learned by now, I’m a patient man. I know when something’s good and worth fighting for, and you, Maple, are so worth it.” 


What do you do when your boyfriend of five years is sleeping with your best friend and you’re in a dead-end job, breaking your back for mere pennies? I’ll tell you what I did. I did the one thing I’ve been dreading for the last thirteen years, I finally went home. I needed to get back on my feet and I needed my Grams. As much as I wanted to pretend life was working for me, it wasn’t.

The problem with home though is that everywhere I turn, her ghosts were haunting me.

Crazy, crazy, crazy, just like her, just like my momma.

I wanted to pretend that crazy didn't exist, but it was all around me, trying to do its best to pull me under.

There’s one problem with that, Keenan Rys. He’s determined not to let it. And I’m determined to keep him away.

*ARC E copy was provided, in exchange of honest review *


First of all, cover is unlike a book cover that I came across before, it’s astonishing and mysterious. As a reader, you will find yourself wondering about the actual photograph of the cover, if there is a story behind it. Once you start reading TAINTED BY CRAZY it will all make sense to me, at start I was bit confused by the cover as well. I love how colorful it is, and I am sure that anyone’s curiosity will pick up by a cover alone. Plus the girl on the cover had a mysterious, a haunted look and you will wonder what she is thinking about. Part of me are wondering if it’s Maple, or Maple and maybe her mother or memories of her mother. It fits the story so well. TAINTED BY CRAZY isn’t only a love story but it’s a story about letting go, acceptance, forgiveness and there is also a bit part that deals with mental illness. While reading the novel, there were so many emotions that were going through me. Maple went through so much with her mother, something that no child should have to go through. All through the book, I hoped for a happy ending for Maple.

TAINTED BY CRAZY is the first novel I read by ABBY MCCARTHY Who I had originally heard about from a good friend of mine, Sharlay. I see a lot good reviews about her book and now I know why. She’s extraordinary writer. Usually one more chapter turned into five more because I couldn’t get enough of Maple’s story, I felt as I was there along with Maple, as if I became part of story. Despite story being fictional, it didn’t feel like that to me, everything that happened and all those feelings that Maple felt, they felt real to me. I could picture everything as if it was happening right at that moment. It was magical. TAINTED BY CRAZY was a heartbreaking novel, it seemed just like things were looking up, something else went wrong. I will be honest, I had teared up multiple times while reading it. I felt my heart breaking for Maple, she couldn’t seem to catch a break. It was impossible to not love Maple, she is such lovable person even if she had her demons. I was hoping the best for her.

Now there is Keenan Rys, come on how can you not love him? I know that she wouldn’t made it if it wasn’t for him by her side. What I loved about Rys was that no matter what happened, no matter how many times she pushed him away, he stood by her side. Not many guys will put up with what Rys puts up when it comes to Maple. Even I knew that he loved her before Maple did. At first I was sure that eventually Rys would have enough with her attitude. But he stayed. I just hoped that Maple would see it, see how much cared for her. I’m sure one of reasons that she was pushing him away because of what happened to her in the past relationships, and I can’t say that I blame her. However all I wanted for her, was happiness. I felt like most of characters became my friends, even though I am aware that they are all fictional. TAINTED BY CRAZY is a story that I will never forget, it’s was extraordinary. I would give it more than five stars if I could. After this novel, I can’t wait to check out rest of Abby’s book and see what other adventures she came up with.



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