May 31, 2016

In The Light Of What We See.

in the light of 
what we see
Sarah Painter.

Publisher : Lake Union Publishing. 
Publication Date: April 1,2016.
Genre: Historical Suspense.
Format|Pages: E Book|328.
 Source:  Received  E Book from Publisher through Netgalley.

Brighton, 1938: Grace Kemp is pushed away by the family she has shamed. Rejected and afraid, she begins a new life as a nurse. But danger stalks the hospital too, and she’ll need to be on her guard to avoid falling into familiar traps. And then there are the things she sees…Strange portents that have a way of becoming real.

Eighty years later, Mina Morgan is brought to the same hospital after a near-fatal car crash. She is in terrible pain but recalls nothing. She’s not even sure whom to trust. Mina too sees things that others cannot, but now, in hospital, her visions are clearer than ever…

Two women, separated by decades, are drawn together by a shared space and a common need to salvage their lives.

*Thank you for Lake Union Publishing and Netgalley for Electronic Copy, in exchange of a review *


IN THE LIGHT OF WHAT WE SEE was the first novel that I read by SARAH PAINTER so when I came across it on Netgalley, I was not sure what to expect. The cover, the title and the summary is what drew me in and got me to pick up the novel, because I was curious about it. The cover of IN THE LIGHT OF WHAT WE SEE was first what drew me in, look at the way that girl is looking and the bright colors that are surrounding her, it’s absolutely stunning and cover itself has a mystery of its own. Then there is the title which has a mystery behind and as a reader, you can’t help but wonder if there is a meaning behind that title, and once I started to read it, all that meaning started to make sense to me. Now summary, the minute that I had read it and realized it was a historical and a medical novel, I knew that I had to read, those are the types of novels that I love. I was not disappointed, I believe that it was one of the best historical novels that I have read, this year. IN LIGHT OF WHAT WE SEE was magical and even if it was a fantasy, everything that happened felt real to me and I could not get enough of Grace & Mina’s stories.

Mark and Dr.Palmer were the two of characters that I couldn’t find myself to like. In beginning I did like Dr.Palmer but then I got a bad vibe about her, especially how he started acting with Grace, I had a feeling that there was something not right about him. He made me feel as uncomfortable as Grace felt when she was around him. I am glad that Evie took action right away, after Grace told her what happened. I know that if she didn’t, it could been much worse for Grace. I loved the friendship between the two of them, they had the bond that nobody could break. The bond that Evie and Grace shared was a true friendship. I was glad that Grace had somebody out there, to look out for her. As for Mark, I did not like him from a start, he was controlling first. I hated all the lies that he told her after she woke up after the accident, I knew that he was bad news then. To me it felt that he was obsessed with being with her and he took t advantage of her state. I hoped that Mira would figure out the truth and get away from him. I adored Steven and I could see how much he adored Mira from start and I just waited for Mira to see, that’s he’s the one she should be with and not Mark, and I felt like he was waiting for the same thing. There was a bond between two of them and unlike Mark, he treated her with respect and looked out for her.

I loved how stories went back and forth between Grace and Mira. You could see how being a nurse was different back then, everything for how they were treated and what they could do. To how it was to being a doctor now. But in a way Grace and Mira were the same, because they both could see something that was not there. It was like a warning of a danger that was approaching. It had him on the edge of the seat. Just like Grace had a bad feeling about Dr.Palmer, it seemed that sometimes Mira had those same thoughts about Mark, that something about him and them was not right. I am just glad that she realized and the remembered the truth about accident when she did, or I got a feeling that it might ended up worse for her than it had. IN THE LIGHT OF WHAT WE SEE was filled with so much suspense, which has a reader wondering what is going to happen next, if Mira would figure it all out. You will find yourself turning pages from a minute you pick up the novel, till you reach the end. You will find yourself drawn into this splendid story.

SARAH PAINTER created a beautiful, magical story about two women. You will fall in love with Grace & Mira’s stories. If you love historical novels with a supernatural mix, you will love IN THE LIGHT OF WHAT WE SEE a magical journey you will not forget.


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