Dec 29, 2015

Beyond The Kingdoms ( Land Of Stories, #4)

beyond the kingdoms.
Land Of Stories,#4
chris colfer.

Publisher Little Brown Books.
Publication Date: July 7,2015
Genre: Children's| Fairytales.
Format|Pages: EBook|313.
 Source: Goodreads|Bought.

Fairy tales are just the beginning.

The Masked Man is on the loose in the Land of Stories, and it's up to Alex and Conner Bailey to stop him...except Alex has been thrown off the Fairy Council, and no one will believe they're in danger.

With only the help of the ragtag group of Goldilocks, Jack, Red Riding Hood, and Mother Goose and her gander, Lester, the Bailey twins discover the Masked Man's secret scheme: He possesses a powerful magic potion that turns every book it touches into a portal, and he is recruiting an army of literature's greatest villains!

So begins a race through the magical Land of Oz, the fantastical world of Neverland, the madness of Wonderland, and beyond. Can Alex and Conner catch up to the Masked Man, or will they be one step behind until it's too late?

Fairy tales and classic stories collide in the fourth adventure in the bestselling Land of Stories series as the twins travel beyond the kingdoms

“When you meet the person you’re meant to be with, everything changes – you don’t feel like you’re fighting the world alone anymore.” 


Another great addition to the LAND OF STORIES . Since I started reading the series last year there hasn’t been a single book that I didn’t enjoy. BEYOND THE KINGDOMS wasn’t any different and I loved fact that they mixed different fairy tales in this books which featured some of my favorites. How can you not love a story that features Wizard Of Oz, Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. As a reader I couldn’t help but wonder what was going to happen next with everyone, what adventures with the Bailey twins. I loved every page of the book and each page had me turning for more. CHRIS COLFER will transform you into the fairy world and the world of the books right from the start. LAND OF STORIES is unlike any fairytales that I read before and every book has me craving for their next adventure.

felt like every single one of the characters became my friends, especially Alex, Conner and all of their friends. Through reading THE LAND OF STORIES since last year I felt like I got to know each one of them. Besides the descriptions in the books are so amazing that I can actually imagine myself going on adventures with them. Not to mention fact that I could actually picture myself being on adventures with my favorite fairytale characters. It was like having every single fairytale that I read as a kid, brought back to life. That’s how I felt while I was reading BEYOND THE KINDOMS and that cliffhanger in the ending had me wishing that the next book in series was out already, because I feel like I need to see what happens next.

Besides the story itself, I loved the Illustrations in the story which were done by BRANDON DORMAN, he did an amazing job as always. Those were always one of the things that brought the story to life. Do you love fairytales? Do you want read about your favorite characters in fairytales? Then pick LAND OF STORIES and be ready to experience a magical ride.


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