Nov 25, 2015

Diamonds Are Forever ( Secret Diamond Sisters,#3)

diamonds are forever.
Secret Diamond Sisters,#3

michelle madow.

Publisher Harlequin Teen
Publication Date: October 27, 2015
Genre:YA Contemporary Romance.
Format|Pages: EBook|368.
 Source: Goodreads|Bought.

It's cold outside, but the drama is hot!

The Diamond sisters jet to the mountains for spring break, and Savannah's flirt-mance with an international pop star heats up as her pursuit of stardom succeeds. But is this romance meant to be, or has the right guy been in front of her all along? Meanwhile, Courtney takes the next step with her secret boyfriend—and future stepbrother—and as their parents' wedding approaches, the pressure's on to reveal their relationship.

Peyton's figuring out a plan for her future, but she still feels guilty about getting her former bodyguard fired and wonders if she can get over him in the arms of someone else. But the biggest bombshell will change everything once again, because Madison's ready to tell the huge secret she's uncovered. And with the boy who betrayed her but who could be the love of her life fighting for his own life, she might need the Diamond sisters more than ever. 


MICHELLE MADOW did it again! A super conclusion to another astonishing series. Ever since that cliffhanger in DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH I have been wondering what’s going to happen next. Most of all I was curious about Oliver, wondering if he was going to be okay and how Madison was handling all this. Most of all I was curious if secret that Madison was their sister would come out and who would be the one to tell them. At start I wasn’t fond of Madison and Oliver but as book progressed, it got hard for me not to like the characters, if anybody changed through the series, it was two of them. I was rooting for Oliver make it through, and I was rooting for Madison and Oliver to get together, there was a real connection between those two and not just a friendship. I just wished that she would tell Oliver how she feels and I have feeling that if her and Savannah didn’t talk, she wouldn’t have. You couldn’t help but wonder what will happen with everyone, even as you come to the end of the book.

Diamond Sisters: You can see a big change in all of the sisters since the beginning of the series. The three of them weren’t just sisters but in process also became best of friends. No matter what was going on in their life, what secrets they had discovered, in the end they were always there for each other. In a way they remind me a lot of some of my friends, who is like a sister to me. I felt that I could relate to them in a way. I didn’t think that they would be able to accept Madison as their half-sister, especially Peyton but Peyton surprised. I know that how she treated them is a reason that they hesitated to but I am glad that they gave her chance. I think it because they saw how she changed since finding out that they were their sisters. It was hard for even me to dislike her and I hoped that the diamond sisters would see it as well. Most of all I was glad for all Diamond sisters to get their happily after, especially with everything that they had deal with, they deserved it.

I loved how family oriented this book was. It didn’t just deal with romance but friendship, family, acceptance, forgiveness with a bit mystery added into mix. Plus it takes place in Vegas where I had always wanted to go. After reading the series, I’m craving to go there even more. DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER was a book that I couldn’t put down till I reached the end because I wanted to see how everything would end. However once I reached the end, I was sad because to me it felt like I was saying goodbye to my friends. Through the series I felt like I got to know each of characters so well, that they became real to me. There wasn’t a single book, a single page that I didn’t enjoy. I have been reading Michelle’s books since we became friends back in 2012 and I can tell that this author going go a long way. A book that is worth every single page. I can’t wait to read Michelle’s next adventure.


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