Aug 17, 2015

A Thousand Pieces Of You ( Firebird,#1)

a thousand pieces
 of you.


claudia gray.

Publisher:Harper Teen.
Publication Date:November 4,2014
Genre:YA Fantasy|Romance.
 Source:Goodreads| Library.

Marguerite Caine’s physicist parents are known for their radical scientific achievements. Their most astonishing invention: the Firebird, which allows users to jump into parallel universes, some vastly altered from our own. But when Marguerite’s father is murdered, the killer—her parent’s handsome and enigmatic assistant Paul—escapes into another dimension before the law can touch him.

Marguerite can’t let the man who destroyed her family go free, and she races after Paul through different universes, where their lives entangle in increasingly familiar ways. With each encounter she begins to question Paul’s guilt—and her own heart. Soon she discovers the truth behind her father’s death is more sinister than she ever could have imagined.

A Thousand Pieces of You explores a reality where we witness the countless other lives we might lead in an amazingly intricate multiverse, and ask whether, amid infinite possibilities, one love can endure. 


A THOUSAND PIECES OF YOU was a book that will remind you reason you love author so much. It has been a while since I read a book by CLAUDIA GRAY and last book I read I loved. After reading this book I am eager to check out her other books, this book was amazing. I loved every page; it had my attention from first page to the last. I wasn’t even aware that she wrote a new book till I came across it at library when I was looking for books. Cover was first what had caught my attention and when I saw that there was Russia on the cover, I was more curious. Russia aspects were one of my favorites in this book since I am originally from Russia, I love reading about it. I loved reading about the old time of Russia, where they had Tsar’s. I felt like I learned a bit more about it while reading the book. A THOUSAND PIECES OF YOU will have you thinking at almost every page, have you wondering what was going to happen next. I couldn’t get enough of the story. One of most engaging stories I have read.

Marguerite, Theo & Paul: They were three of my favorite characters, though in beginning I was bit hesitant about Paul, wondering if he actually told the truth. As novel progressed I started to believe that he didn’t kill her father, he was just trying to protect her from harm. At same time I couldn’t help but wonder if he didn’t, then who did? It turned out to be the least expected person I thought it would be. Maybe it was me but I didn’t see as much connection between Marguerite and Theo as between her and Paul, what the two of them had was special. Paul & Marguerite seemed to have a special connection between two of them, no matter what dimension they ended up in. They loved each other. My favorite scenes was between the two of them. I did feel bad for Theo; I could tell that he loved her too. I couldn’t imagine how it was to watch two of them together.

Of course I loved the travel part of it the most. Travel in another dimension and being able take over as well. It sounds a bit scary but at same time I think it would be amazing experience as well. I always enjoyed reading books that have time travel with them, through the past few years I have read quite few. A THOUSAND PIECES OF YOU is unlike any of time travel I have read, it’s unique and very creative. More you read of this novel the harder it is to put it down. I ended up reading till 10pm last night because I couldn’t get enough of story and I wanted to see how it ends. If I could, I would give this story 10 star or more. Claudia Gray did it once again. I want to see what happens with everyone, what adventures and challenges they will have to face next.

Love Science Fiction? Time Travel? A Thousand Pieces Of You has all that with unique twists. Be ready for a thrilling ride.


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