May 30, 2015

Cinder ( Lunar Chronicles,#1)


Lunar Chronicles,#1

marissa meyer.

Publisher Feiwel & Friends
Publication Date: January 3,2012
Genre:YA Dystopian Fantasy | Romance.

Humans and androids crowd the raucous streets of New Beijing. A deadly plague ravages the population. From space, a ruthless lunar people watch, waiting to make their move. No one knows that Earth’s fate hinges on one girl.

Cinder, a gifted mechanic, is a cyborg. She’s a second-class citizen with a mysterious past, reviled by her stepmother and blamed for her stepsister’s illness. But when her life becomes intertwined with the handsome Prince Kai’s, she suddenly finds herself at the center of an intergalactic struggle, and a forbidden attraction. Caught between duty and freedom, loyalty and betrayal, she must uncover secrets about her past in order to protect her world’s future.


I love fairytales and retellings, I have been in fairy tales from early age. Cinderella had always been one of my favorites fairytales. I heard about Cinder for quite a while but haven’t had a chance to read it. Honestly I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy it or not. I wasn’t sure how storyline would be , with Cinderella as Cyborg. By time that I came to end of the book, I had emotions running through me and I wondered why I haven’t read this book earlier. It was beautifully written, out of this world. A novel about a girl who is a cyborg who also happens to be a mechanic and meets a prince? How can you not love a book like that? Cinder was not a book that I expected it to be, and I loved every minute of it. There was action, suspense and of course a bit of romance added into mix. Cinder, was a new, interesting twist to the classic fairytale.

There was a connection between Cinder and Prince Kai from start, even if Cinder tried to deny the attraction between the two of them. I just wanted to scream at her, to go to ball with him, to have fun for one day. Maybe if she told him from start what she was, all the confusion could been avoided at the end. I could tell that he wanted to save her, but at same time he needed to protect his country, now that his father was gone. I did hope that her being Lunar wouldn’t change anything between two of them, but of course that wasn’t case. I felt bad for both them, I could tell that he was both angry and hurt by her lie. Cinder, because I could see that she cared about him more than she wanted to. I kind hope that two of them reunite, and start over sometime later in series. I am rooting for two of them.

Cinder has quite bit action in book, I believe that there were more action in book than romance. Cinder was unlike any retelling that I read before. Each page there was something going on. Her stepmother seemed even more evil that she was in original fairytale. I loved fact that she was at least close to one of her sisters in this version of the story. Of course I couldn’t help but wonder what going come in store is for Cinder next. Will she escape? Will her and Prince Kai reunite? What adventures or challenges would she face next? There is quite bit that I am eager to find out about Cinder. I couldn’t get enough of the story, I found myself reading late into night. I can’t wait to go on next adventures along with Cinder.


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