Jul 5, 2014

I Am Number Four(Lorien Legacies,#1)


I am number four.
Lorien Legacies,#1
Pittacus lore.

Publisher HarperCollins.
Publication Date: August 3,2010
Genre: YA SciFi| Adventure
Format|Pages: Hardcover|440
Source: Goodreads|Library


In the beginning they were a group of nine. Nine aliens who left their home planet of Lorien when it fell under attack by the evil Mogadorian. Nine aliens who scattered on Earth. Nine aliens who look like ordinary teenagers living ordinary lives, but who have extraordinary, paranormal skills. Nine aliens who might be sitting next to you now. The Nine had to separate and go into hiding.

The Mogadorian caught Number One in Malaysia, Number Two in England, and Number Three in Kenya. All of them were killed. John Smith, of Paradise, Ohio, is Number Four. He knows that he is next. 

I AM NUMBER FOUR is the thrilling launch of a series about an exceptional group of teens as they struggle to outrun their past, discover their future—and live a normal life on Earth. 

I been hearing about this book for a while now, but haven’t had a chance to read it. After finishing it I Am Number Four I’m ready to pick up the next book. Way that the book ended, it has the reader craving for more, wondering what’s going to happen next. Will they will be able to escape? Or will they find them again? Will they ever stop running? Those were the questions I found myself wondering about after I read the book. Now that I read the book, I’m eager to see how the movie turned out as well. I always enjoyed novels about Aliens and this wasn’t any different. There wasn’t a part in the book that wasn’t filled with suspense. Henri, John were always on look out, they couldn’t seem to let their guard down for one minute. Every page, every chapter had me curious if that would be the day that they would be discovered, and would they would be able to defeat it. I am Number Four is a type of novel that has you wondering till the very end, always filled with suspense and some sort of adventure. I couldn’t put it down. 

I always enjoyed reading book from guy’s point of view, because their view on everything is different than if it was a girl. Having book written from John’s point of view fit well, because we saw how everything affected him, especially when his legacies started appearing. Reader could connect to him in way. For instance I could imagine how he was feeling when his arms started glowing, how scared he must been feeling. I was glad that he had Henri to help him through this, I bet it would been harder if he had to handle it all of that chances on his own. Of course now he does, if more legacies will come. Henri dying was one thing that I didn’t like about the ending. I liked Henri. I could tell how much he cared for John, how he tried to protect him. My heart broke for him when Henri died. 

There was an instant connection between Sarah and John, could tell from moment that they met. He cared for her even before they got together. I felt sad for both of them when he had to leave. I can’t even begin to imagine how both of them must felt. I’m hoping that he won’t be gone too long, that he will come back to her. My question is if Sarah will wait, like she said she would? Because he might not come back for months. Mark surprised me most of them, I never imagined him helping them or actually becoming friends with John. He changed most of them all and by end of book, I actually liked him. 

If you love fantasy, aliens, suspense with bit romance, pick up I am Number Four. You will be hooked into John’s adventures.


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