Apr 6, 2014

Tempted(House Of Night,#6)

House Of  Night,#6
P.c & Kristin cast.

Publisher:St Martin's Griffin.
Publication Date:October 29,2009
Genre:YA Fantasy |Romance |Suspense.
Source: Goodreads|Owned



Zoey needs a break after some serious excitement. Sadly, the House of Night school for vampyres doesn’t feature breaks on its curriculum—even for a High Priestess in training and her gang. Plus juggling three guys is no stress reliever, especially when one is a sexy Warrior so into protecting Zoey that he’s sensing her emotions 

Wider stresses lurk too, and the dark force in Tulsa’s tunnels is spreading. Could Stevie Rae be responsible for more than a group of misfit fledglings? And Aphrodite’s visions warn Zoey to stay away from the immortal Kalona and his dark allure—but they also show that only Zoey can stop him. She’s not exactly keen to meet up, but if Zoey doesn’t go to Kalona he’ll exact a fiery vengeance on those closest to her. 

She just has to find the courage to do what’s necessary, or everything that’s important to her will be destroyed 

I thought that other books were intense. They were nothing compared to Tempted . Right from the first page till the last page, it filled with suspense, adventure and of course bit of romance. That is one of things that I like about these books, there is romance in them but just enough. Not too much, not too little. In beginning there was bit more romance, but as it progressed, there seemed to be more suspense. Tempted was just like that. I got to admit that romance going on in Tempted, was filled with a lot of passion. Every time it had me wondering what’s coming next. There wasn’t one dull moment in this installment of House Of Night. 

Stark: I loved him since he appeared in Untamed. Once he became Zoey’s warrior, I became even bigger fan of his. After reading Tempted, I can’t get enough of him. Especially after way the book ended, I need to see what happens; I want to see what he is going to do, to save Zoey. My heart broke for Stark when Zoey’s soul shattered, I can’t even imagine how he must felt at that moment, especially when he saw it happen. The scenes between Stark and Zoey were filled with so much passion; I could tell that they loved each other. Just the way they were around each other. They got a special bond. A bond that Zoey doesn’t even have with Heath. Seeing Zoey’s soul shatter, made me cry too. Hope Stark can get over the grief fast enough, to help her. 

Stevie Rae: She was a last person I expected to fall, for the enemy. Especially a Raven Mocker out of all people. I was sure that she would get rid of it, maybe even kill it especially after she found out that it killed one of professors, Anastasia. I hoped that she would think of what could happen if they were discovered. But as book progressed, I could tell why she liked him, and it got me harder to dislike him. He seemed different then the other Raven Mockers, he cared for Stevie Rae even if he wouldn’t admit it. Otherwise he wouldn’t came to her rescue on the roof. I’m eager to see what will become of their relationship. 

What was unique about Tempted was that it wasn’t written only from Zoey’s POV but also Aphrodite, Stark, even Heath. It got for reader to get to know the other characters more. I always wondered what Stark and Stevie Rae were thinking. It had unexpected twists. For instance did not see ending coming, Heath’s death, Zoey’s soul shattering because of it. I cried. I wasn’t too happy that they killed Heath either. Why did it have to be him? Ending ended in intense cliffhanger, and I picked up Burned right away. House Of Night is type of book you find yourself thinking about once you finish it. It’s series that will stay with you.


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