Aug 4, 2013

Don't Breathe A Word.

Don't Breathe A Word.
Holly Cupala.
Publisher: Harper Teen.
Publication Date: January 3,2012.
Genre: YA Contemporary Drama
Format|Pages: Paperback| 299.
Source: Owned|Goodreads.


Have you ever read a book, which you found yourself thinking about it after you finished it? A book that took your breath away? That’s what Don’t Breathe A Word, did to me. From moment I picked the book, started it reading it, I knew I was going to love it. However I wasn’t expecting how much I love it. It was one of the most inspirational, realistic novels I read. I would highly recommend this novel to everyone. It make you grateful for the life you have now. 

Joy Delamere is suffocating. 

From asthma, from her parents, and from her boyfriend, Asher, who is smothering her from the inside out. She can take his cruel words, his tender words...until the night they go too far. 

To escape, Joy sacrifices her suburban life to find the one who offered his help, a homeless boy called Creed. He introduces her to a world of fierce loyalty, to its rules of survival, and to love—-a world she won’t easily let go. 

Set against the backdrop of the streets of Seattle, Holly Cupala’s power¬ful new novel explores the subtleties of abuse, the secrets we keep, and the ways to redemption. But above all, it is an unflinching story about the extraordinary lengths one girl will go to discover her own strength.

  Don’t Breathe A Word was beautifully written. From first page, I was completely observed in the story and I wondered what was going happen to Joy next, if she would survive, where she would end up. Somehow I had feeling that it was going be a powerful novel, just by looking at the cover. The girl on the cover which I am guessing is Joy, looks likes she’s about to make a serious decision. I had a feeling that it was going be one of those serious novels. Everything described there, especially Joy’s time on streets, it painted such picture that I actually saw myself along with Joy, experiencing what she was, though I know nothing about being homeless. It was such powerful subject, realistic. It something that does happen, and makes it easier to relate novel to real life.  

Joy & Creed: Loved them from beginning, the two of them were actually my favorite characters. I loved Creed and Joy’s relationship, way that he made sure that she was okay, how he wanted to protect her, even though he didn’t know her in beginning. He even took her in , at start, to help her out instead of letting her find her own place to sleep. I could tell that he cared her from the start, probably from time when he saw how Asher treated her. I was happy that Joy was able to find someone who treated her with respect, unlike Asher who I hated right from start. Though they had their issues, I was happy that she could find someone to make her happy. The ending scene between two of them made me smile. 

This book took my breath away, I found myself thinking about everything I read, even after I finished the book. It’s the type of book that will make you think, will make you angry, sad and even put smile on your face. Don’t Breathe A Word is worth checking out.


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