May 12, 2013

Cross My Heart, Hope To Die, The Lying Game, #5.

Cross My Heart, Hope To Die.
The Lying Game,#5.
Sara Shepard.
Publisher:Harper Teen.
Publication Date: February 5,2013.
Genre: YA Mystery Thriller| Fantasy.


Wow. The more I read The Lying Game series, the more extreme and mysterious it seems to get. I was even convinced that Becky was the killer, all the details that were described about her in the book, made it pretty convincing evidence that she was killer. That’s why I did not see the ending coming. Yet, another twist. Cross My Heart, Hope To Die kept my attention till end. I’m eager to find how it all ends, who the killer is.

When I died two months ago, my killer told my twin sister to become me—or else. Now Emma has it down to a T. She tosses her hair with the signature Sutton Mercer flip and can lead a Lying Game prank with the best of them. She’s even repairing my relationship with my adoptive family. The only thing she hasn’t done is solve my murder.
Then our birth mother, the woman who abandoned us, showed up in Tucson. Emma hasn’t seen Becky in twelve years, but Becky recognizes Emma immediately—as Emma. Is it a mother’s intuition . . . or does Becky know I’m already gone?

The descriptions in this book, especially when Becky’s Illness came into effect, were amazing. It was because of those details that made it pretty convincing for me to believe that Becky was Sutton’s killer. Actually I was pretty sure that she was the killer, just way that she acted around Emma when she came to visit her, after her breakdown. The look on her face, her actions. I was positive that Becky was the killer, especially with her mental Illness history. How could anyone not think that she isn’t the killer? Especially once Sutton had those memories, the way that Becky was acting with her, I was even more convinced that she was the killer. That’s what I love about series, once you sure that you had it figured out, there is another unexpected twist.

Ethan & Thayer: Every time I read about Emma and Ethan’s relationship, the more it makes me smile. I love the connection that two of them have, despite everything that’s happening and fact how Emma’s life is in constant danger. I can see how much Ethan cares for Emma, how much he loves her. I found myself smiling when they finally said I Love You, to each other. Ethan is the type of guy that every girl looks for. I am happy to see, how much their relationship develops, despite Thayer being in middle of it, because he assumes that it’s Sutton, not Emma. I was glad that Emma could find someone who could make her happy. Now Thayer, despite me not being his biggest fan, I was happy to see that there were more scenes between Emma and Thayer. I could tell by way he looked at her, talked to her, that he still loves Sutton. I’m actually curious what will happen if he finds out that it’s not Sutton.

Despite me not being biggest Nisha fan, I was glad to see that her and Emma develop bond, and becoming friends instead of staying enemies. It sucked what happened to her at end, I did not see that coming. I am curious if it was murder too. I’m also curious what it was that she wanted to tell Emma, right before she ended up dead. I got feeling that now Emma is going be trying to figure out two murders, instead of one. I’m getting more eager, to see how it all ends. At same time sad that all of this is going to come to end soon. It’s one of most addicting, mysterious series I have read, it keeps you wanting more.


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