Mar 17, 2013

Flirting In Italian, Flirting In Italian,#1.

Flirting In Italian.
Flirting In Italian, #1.
Lauren Henderson.
Publisher:Delcorte Books.
Publication Date:June 12, 2012.
Genre: YA Contemporary|Romance.



Honestly, I wasn’t sure how much I was going to like Flirting In Italian, despite the interesting title and the summary, I couldn’t seem to get into the book till the 2nd Chapter, I was close to giving up but luckily it picked up in next chapter. Once book picked up, I actually ended up enjoying it more than I thought I would. By the end of the book I was wondering what was going happen to Violet, Luca and all of her friends next. Flirting In Italian had everything from adventure, to humor, romance and suspense. I’m eager to see what adventure awaits everyone next.

Four girls. One magical and possibly dangerous Italian summer. Family mysteries, ancient castles, long hot nights of dancing under the stars . . . and, of course, plenty of gorgeous Italian boys!

How can you not love the title, Flirting In Italian? How can that title not capture your attention? Honestly that was what captured my attention, the title. It made me curious and I had a feeling that it was going be a romance story, and that’s why the actual story surprised, it wasn’t anything that I was expecting it to be. That was one of things that I did enjoy about book, that it had unexpected twist, and it made me wonder, as a reader what was going to happen, especially with Violet.

Of course I loved that it took place in Italy, it was one place that I want to visit, one day. While reading this book, I felt like I learned more about Italy, about its history then I knew before reading the book. I thought what made this book interesting that it wasn’t only based on kids having fun, on having an adventure in Italy, but fact that there was quite bit of mystery in the book as well, along with bit of history as well. It always made me curious what they are going to learn next. If Violet would actually find out the answer that she came looking for, the reasons that she came to Italy, to begin with.

Luca: I loved the relationship between Luca and Violet; it wasn’t like any other books where they fall in love right away. Actually it seemed like Violet seemed to have mixed feelings about him, one minute she liked him, and the next she wanted nothing to do with him. Of course I couldn’t blame her for the mixed feelings that she had about him, because of the way that he treated her. At first I wasn’t even sure if he liked her, that he was mostly toying with her, playing with her feelings. I could see that there is some sort of attraction between the two of them or they wouldn’t end up constantly kissing. As book progressed, I could tell that Luca grew to care for Violet, way he came to her rescue once he figured out that his housekeeper trying to poison her, and how he didn’t want her to leave Italy. I saw how much their relationship progressed through the book. I’m curious what adventure awaits them in next book.

I loved the mystery aspect in this novel. When Violet was first poisoned, I was wondering who done it and why, who would have something against her? Though I thought that maid acted bit weird, around Violet, I didn’t think that she would be capable of something like that. I was sure that it was Eliza who was doing it all, since she seemed to dislike Violet. I was as curious as Violet why she looked like the princess and I wished that Violet wouldn’t have given up so fast on it, I wanted to see if there was story behind, and if there was something that her mom did keep from her. I’m hoping mystery will unfold more in the next book.

The book was bit slow, and I wish I found out more about characters, like Luca, I felt like I didn’t find out much about him through the novel, but I hope that I will find out more in the next book. Otherwise this was an enjoyable reading and I look forward to the next novel.


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