Dec 15, 2012

Happy Accidents.

Happy Accidents.
Jane Lynch.
Publication Date:September 13,2011.
Genre: Nonfiction|Memoir.

I have been a fan of Jane Lynch since I seen her on Glee, few years earlier. I had always thought that she was extremely talented, I could tell by watching the show. So when I heard that she wrote a memoir, I knew that I had to read it, I was curious how Jane got to where she was now. Happy Accidents was one of the novels that I glad I checked out. After reading the book, I felt like I got to know, to understand Jane more than before, it felt like I was able to connect with her more. Happy Accidents is a memoir worth reading.

  In the summer of 1974, a fourteen-year-old girl in Dolton, Illinois, had a dream. A dream to become an actress, like her idols Ron Howard and Vicki Lawrence. But it was a long way from the South Side of Chicago to Hollywood, and it didn't help that she'd recently dropped out of the school play, The Ugly Duckling. Or that the Hollywood casting directors she wrote to replied that "professional training was a requirement."

But the funny thing is, it all came true. Through a series of Happy Accidents, Jane Lynch created an improbable and hilarious path to success. In those early years, despite her dreams, she was also consumed with anxiety, feeling out of place in both her body and her family. To deal with her worries about her sexuality, she escaped in positive ways such as joining a high school chorus not unlike the one in Glee but also found destructive outlets. She started drinking almost every night her freshman year of high school and developed a mean and judgmental streak that turned her into a real- life Sue Sylvester.

  First, I thought that Jane thought of unique title for memoir: Happy Accidents. When I first read the title, I was actually curious why it was titled that but after reading the book, I can tell why. Through reading the book I can tell through how many happy accidents she came across, especially when it came to her acting career. At least how it seemed like it to me. This title fits the story that Jane wrote about in this memoir, it’s also the type of title that would capture reader’s attention even if they never heard of Jane. I believe they wonder what happy accidents will be there, that’s what I wondered when first saw the title.

  I loved Jane’s personality, the voice of the book. I actually felt like I was there, going through what she was, just by reading the book. Though the book had quite bit of sad moments, when Jane felt depressed, I found myself feeling down as well. In way, I felt like I could relate to Jane there, depression since I had gone through that myself. So reading that, it made me feel like I could connect with her, understand her more because I felt like she had before. It also made me wonder, hope that she will be happy at some point, since it seemed like for a while, she was unhappy most of time. But to me, she seemed pretty strong, how she kept on going despite how she was feeling that she kept on following her dreams. That’s dedication right there.

I loved the photographs that she had in the book, I loved looking through them. Actually I believe that’s what made the book more interesting, more realistic. There was some parts of book that were bit slow for me, or ended up longer then I though it should be, but despite that I loved the book, I loved learning about Jane. I was happy to see that she got a happy ending. If you fan of Glee, Of Jane Lynch, this is the memoir worth checking out.


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