Nov 12, 2012

By Starlight.

By Starlight.
Dorothy Garlock.
Publisher:Grand Central Publishing.
Publication Date:August 21,2012.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|384.


By Starlight, was unlike any other book that I read before. I actually came across it accidently, while at the library. It was the cover that had actually captured my attention, and the title. So I read the summary and it looked interesting enough to me, so I checked it out. I was glad that I did. I was hooked right from the first page, I needed to know what was going to happen next, especially between Maddy & Jack. It wasn’t just filled with romance; it also had a lot of action, with bit of adventure and a mystery. Every page kept me on edge of my seat. By Starlight is worth checking out.

In early 1930s Montana, in the small town of Colton, Maddy Aldridge struggles to make ends meet during the Great Depression. With her mother long dead, her stubborn younger sister fighting her at every turn, and her father's arthritis deteriorating so badly that she has to run the family store alone, her desperation grows by the day. Enter Jeffers Grimm with a proposition too great for her to turn down: open an illegal speakeasy in the mercantile's basement, defy Prohibition, and make enough money to make her worries disappear. But, unbeknownst to Maddy, Jeffers has made a deal with the mob to bring huge quantities of alcohol across the Canadian border and store it in the mercantile. He wants to get rich, regardless of who stands in his way.
Jack Rucker is an agent for the Bureau of Prohibition, the federal police force created for the difficult task of enforcing the new law. Years earlier, he'd been a boy living in Colton, loving a young Maddy Aldridge. Now, after hearing rumors of an operation, the Bureau wants him to go back and hide in plain sight. With a pain-in-the-rump partner breathing down his neck, what will Jack do when he finds out what Maddy is up to? Can he and Maddy rekindle the love they once knew? If Jeffers discovers Jack is a federal agent, to what ends will he go to silence him forever?

  I love that this book took time during 1930’s, during the depression time, I haven’t read book about that time yet but I remember learning about depression time, in high school. But after I read this book, I actually felt that I learned even more about it. I found myself actually imagining how hard it was for everyone, just by reading the book. I wanted to help those people, just way Maddy and her sister wanted to help them, but at same time I knew that I couldn’t help everyone. It made me sad that so many people would actually starve, and I realized how lucky we are now, to have food, a place to stay.

Maddy, I liked her from a start, she seemed like such strong character to me. To me, she seemed stronger then she was when she was a teenager when Jack first left. Taking care of her family’s business, while at same time taking care of her sick father. I saw why she did what she did with Jeffers. Of course I was also curious if she assumed or knew that at one point they would get caught. It was one of reasons she didn’t go running to Jack right away, into his arms when he first repapered. I wasn’t surprised that she slapped him, if I was in her situation, I would have done the same. I could that despite that; she still cared about him even if she tried denying it at first.

 Maddy & Jack, I knew from the first page when Jack was leaving, that they had real love. Of course I haven’t expected for Jack not comes back for so many years, I am kind of curious if he would ever come back, if it wasn’t for his job. I could see the chemistry between rights from day he came back, even before Maddy slapped Jack. Way the two of them were looking at one another; I knew that they still loved each other. Especially when Jack tried to protect Maddy when she ran into trouble, when they caught Jeffers in act, trying to smuggle Wine, from Canada. But all through book, I found myself afraid that Maddy would get arrested to, because she was involved in it, in way. Though she wasn’t aware of Jeffers other actions.

What I loved the most about this book, was fact that it wasn’t all romance, there was quite bit action, adventure with bit of mystery added to it. There wasn’t a single page that didn’t keep me wondering what’s going to happen next, how it will all end. The story felt real, like something that could actually happen. You won’t regret picking it up.


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