Sep 23, 2012

Halo, Halo,#1.

Alexandra Adornetto.
Publisher:Square Fish.
Publication Date:August 30,2011.
Genre:YA Fantasy|Romance.



Ever since reading Hush, Hush series, I been fascinated with Angels, even more then I was before. That’s one of the reasons I picked up Halo because it was about angels. I have been hearing about this book, since it just came out. I just haven’t had a chance to pick it up, till now. I got say that I was glad that I ignored all those negative reviews I seen, because this book was amazing. If it wasn’t for work, I would finish it much faster. Every single page kept on the edge of my seat, kept me wondering what’s going to happen with Bethany next. It was different too, it had a unique storyline, and I liked the fact that the girl was the angel, this time around. I’m excited for Hades , see what happens in next chapter of their life.

Three angels are sent by Heaven to bring good to a world falling under the influence of darkness: Gabriel, the warrior; Ivy, the healer; and Bethany, the youngest and most human. They work hard to conceal their luminous glow, their superhuman powers, and their wings.
Then Bethany meets Xavier Woods, and they are unable to resist their attraction to each other. But the angels’ mission is urgent, and dark forces are threatening. Will love ruin Bethany or save her?

To me, this book started out bit slow but it picked up pretty fast, and that’s I didn’t quite give it 5 stars, also because it was bit slow paced when it came to action. Though, once the action picked up, it got even harder for me to put the novel down. I felt like I needed to know what would happen next, how it all would turn out in the end, who would win? Those were the questions I found myself wondering while reading the book. I also enjoyed fact that they mentioned the angels mission on earth, and way it had mentioned heaven once in awhile. To me, this book seemed more religious like, then the other novel I read about angels, in the past. It made me feel like I learned so much more about them, while reading the book.

  I loved the relationships the siblings had. I could tell, that nor did they all care about each other, but each of them seemed to have a bond, especially Bethany and Gabriel. It’s not often that I read the books, which I read about bond like this, like the siblings had. Though they had their arguments with Bethany, especially when it came to Xavier, they were always there for one another; they always stood by each other. Also the way that they expected Xavier, (later on) just because their sister had deep feelings for him.

Now relationship between Bethany and Xavier, I liked their bond. Though, to me it seemed like they moved a bit too fast, feelings wise. I believe that they fell for each other too fast, and to me that didn’t seem realistic. Otherwise, I thought it was cute, they way they cared for one another. I was actually surprised when Bethany told Xavier of their secret, and at same time I wasn’t happy with her at first, the way Gabriel wasn’t too happy with her either. I did find myself smiling, whenever I read scenes between two of them. Though, I thought Xavier jumped to conclusions too fast, when he though she kissed Jake, he wouldn’t let her explain. It made want talk some sense into that boy. I was glad when he finally came to his senses though.

Now, the cover. It’s absolutely stunning. I think that it’s the type of cover that would capture any reader’s eye. I think that it totally fit the storyline, it had a romantic setting. Now, I need know what happens with Bethany and Xavier next, along with the other characters. It’s totally worth checking out.


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