Aug 25, 2012

What Happened To Goodbye.

What Happened To Goodbye.
Sarah Dessen.
Publisher:Viking Juvenille.
Publication Date:May 10,2011.
Genre:YA Contemporary|Family.


 What Happened To Goodbye , is a third Sarah Dessen novel that I have read. I heard mixed reviews about this book before reading it. Due to fact that I had loved her other two books, I decided to check it out when coming across it at library. Besides Lock & Key, this is my favorite Sarah Dessen novel so far. It was bit different then her other novels I read, but I found myself loving Mclean and being able to connect with her out of everyone else. The story felt realistic to me, and I wanted to see what would happen next, what path would be taken. What happened to goodbye is worth checking out.

Who’s The Real Mclean?
Ever since bitter divorce between McLean’s parents, her father, a restaurant consultant and Mclean been on constant move. Being separated from her mother and her new family, Mclean is happy to leave her past behind, and to stay by her father. Each new place, gives her a fresh start, a chance to be something she’s not.
However for first time, Mclean finds herself making real friends, and who seem to accept her for who she is, or who they believe she is. Then there’s her next door neighbor, Dave. As time passes, the two of them establish a bond, and Mclean finds herself growing feelings for him, the attachment she knows that she should have. For first time in her life, Mclean finds herself wanting to stay and be herself. Expect she doesn’t even know who she is. Maybe Dave can help her discover who she is.

 What I love about Dessen’s novels is title, and the cover. The books I have read so far, always had a stunning cover and a title that would always make me curious. So, when I saw the cover for What Happened To Goodbye, the cover, I somehow had a feeling that I was going to enjoy the book. Especially when I read the summary, it sounded like the type of book I would enjoy. I always liked books about families as well, and it sounded like family type of book. What else I enjoy about the books, Dessen makes her books realistic, and it’s easy to connect with characters. Even though I couldn’t begin to imagine what Mclean was feeling, I felt like I could, I felt like I could connect with her. Dessen brings her stories to life.

Now, the storyline. I enjoyed the fact that the book wasn’t only focused on Mclean, but her family too, as much that it focused on Mclean. Both of her parents played a major role in the book. I saw the different reaction, communication she had with both of her parents. I could see that she was more on her father’s side then her mother’s, I could feel her angry with her mother and the fact that she seemed to be avoiding her anytime she called. I was wondering when she would finally tell her mother, how she felt about it. About everything. In way, I preferred McLean’s father over her father, even though at times it seemed like he didn’t have enough time for her. It seemed that neither of them wanted to listen to her, neither of them knew how the divorce was affecting her. I enjoyed reading how it was affecting her, and how the relationship with her parents changed through the book.

I loved the bond she formed with everyone, especially Dave. I thought it was sweet how everyone seemed to accept Debbie into the group so fast. I loved Debbie’s attitude, her dedication. Now, the friendship, relationship between Dave and Mclean was intense, I could tell there was an attraction between two right away. Though, I was glad that they didn’t give into their feelings right away but instead became good friends first. In way, that made the relationship more realistic then if they gave into their feelings right away. It was more interesting to read but I found myself wonder who would make the first move. It was interesting to see how their relationship developed. However, I was kind of surprised that they didn’t kiss till almost the end, I thought it would be sooner.

Even though there were mixed reviews about the book, to me this was one of best, interesting books that I have read. Sarah Dessen is officially one of my favorites and I am looking forward to reading the rest of her works.


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