Aug 8, 2012


Kristen Hubbard.
Publisher:Delacorte Books.
Publication Date:March 13,2012.
Genre: YA Contemporary| Adventure|Romance.
Format|Pages: E Book|338.
Challenge:Stand Alone.


Wanderlove, was one of the best books I read this year. It had everything that I love in the book, traveling, adventure, friendship and romance. I have read books about traveling before couple times. However, Wanderlove was different from any other adventure, traveling books that I read. It was unique. I loved reading about the adventures that both Bria and Rowan went through. Each chapter, each page made me wonder what adventure they would come across next. Wanderlove is type of book that I find myself reading couple times. This book surprised me and amazed me, and made me happy that I finally read it. If I could give this book more than 5 stars, I would. I would recommend this book to everyone, especially if you like adventure and travel.

Are you a Global Vagabond?
  A question that starts Bria’s journey. In order to gain independence and escape her neglected art, and finally travel live she wanted, she signs up for guided tour of Central America. Only to find too late that she sighed up to tour, with middle aged tourist which was what she didn’t expect. Then Bria comes across a backpacker, Rowan and his sister Starling.

Bria finds herself joining them and ditching the group. Both Bria and Rowan travel together through Mayan Villages, remote Belizean islands, and hostels. Bria discovers one thing that both of them seem to have in common, that both of them are running from the past. However Bria soon realized that she can’t keep on running, despite what Rowan tells her.

  I have been hearing about this book, even before it came out. I been wanting to read it before, just haven’t had a chance to yet. I am happy that I finally had chance too. It was one of most engaging books I read. It’s one of those novels that once you pick it up, you have trouble putting down, and because you need to know what adventure they will come across next. Title, Wanderlove was what capture my attention first when I came across it Goodreads, when I saw someone else on site reading it, that was captured my attention first, made it me curious. It’s a unique title. I know it capture reader’s attention, even before they read the summary.

When I first read summary, I had feeling it be light travel reading, it turned to be not what I expected. It turned to be much better. I enjoyed every aspect of this novel. There were so many adventures that both Bria and Rowan came across, and it actually made me wish to visit Central America after I read this book. Everything that they explore was something that I wish I could visit. The descriptions, the details of their adventures was amazing, I actually found myself picturing being there, while reading the book. It just to me, seemed like it be such beautiful place. Also the drawings through the books, made the book so much more real, giving me even more images.

Rowan & Bria : I enjoyed reading about their relationship, it was different then from usual relationships you usually read about. Unlike some other relationships’ I read in other books before, their seemed more realistic. They didn’t fall for each other right away. Actually in beginning they seemed to be fighting more than anything. At first, I found myself wondering if two of them would actually make to the Island, the way two of them constantly seemed to be fighting. At first, I was sure they disliked each other. After a while, I could tell that they grew to care for one another. I was glad when they finally kissed, but felt bit frustrated with Bria for pushing him away. Yet, it made the relationship even more realistic to me. I was happy that they had their happy in the end though, I was hoping that she find someone, especially after Toby.

  In general, I found myself engage in book, to point that I didn’t want put it down till I finished it. I will be checking out other books by Kristen, she has an amazing talent. Both worth checking out, by everyone.


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