Dec 30, 2016

The Tragedy Paper.

the tragedy paper
elizabeth laban.

Publisher Knopf Books
Publication Date: January 8,2013.
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance.
Format|Pages: EBook|312.
 Source:  Goodreads|Bought

Tim Macbeth, a seventeen-year-old albino and a recent transfer to the prestigious Irving School, where the motto is “Enter here to be and find a friend.” A friend is the last thing Tim expects or wants—he just hopes to get through his senior year unnoticed. Yet, despite his efforts to blend into the background, he finds himself falling for the quintessential “It” girl, Vanessa Sheller, girlfriend of Irving’s most popular boy. To Tim's surprise, Vanessa is into him, too, but she can kiss her social status goodbye if anyone ever finds out. Tim and Vanessa begin a clandestine romance, but looming over them is the Tragedy Paper, Irving’s version of a senior year thesis, assigned by the school’s least forgiving teacher.

Jumping between viewpoints of the love-struck Tim and Duncan, a current senior about to uncover the truth of Tim and Vanessa, The Tragedy Paper is a compelling tale of forbidden love and the lengths people will go to keep their love

Have you ever came across a book once you read it, you wished that you have read it sooner? THE TRAGEDY PAPER was that novel for me. I had it in mine to read list for a while and I had heard quite few great reviews about it. It was unlike other books that I had read and wasn’t what I expected it to be. THE TRAGEDY PAPER were better that that and it took me by surprise. Like Duncan, I were curious about Tim’s story and what happened to him second that he started talking. I was fascinated about his story and wondered if anything would ever happen between him and Vanessa. Patrick, he wasn’t good for her and I wished that Vanessa would see that. I was waiting for a moment where she would figure out. This novel was filled with a lot suspense, there wasn’t a single page in the story that didn’t have me wondering what’s going to happen next, if Vanessa and Tim would end together, what Patrick was planning. There were a lot questions and it was hard for me to put the book down.

I felt connection between Tim and Vanessa when the two spend time together, when they got stuck at the airport. It didn’t take them long to establish a bond with each other. Like Tim I was disappointed to find out that she had a boyfriend, I was sure that she liked Tim because how she acted around him when the two of them were able to spend time together. I know that she could feel it too, I feel like she was in denial about it because of Patrick. I was hoping that somehow the two of them will find a way to each other in the end. I was sad that they didn’t get the happy ending that I was hoping for. By the end, I felt connected to the characters, especially to Tim and Duncan, the two of them became like part of my friends. By middle of the book, I felt all the emotions that they were feeling. They felt real to me.

Loved that point of view shifted between Duncan and Tim and fact that it took place at the same boarding school. At start I was curious why Tim wanted to share the story with him, besides the fact that he got his old room. Towards the end of the novel, it all made sense. Duncan felt responsible for what happened that day, to Tim, to Vanessa and through telling him the story, to let him know that what happened wasn’t his fault. I disliked Patrick from the start, mostly because of how he treated others, it felt like he did not care about others more that he did about himself and the game. His actions had me wondering is he actually cared about Vanessa, cause only time he seemed show her affection is when he saw Tim around, it was like he knew how to get under his skin. I don’t know what Vanessa saw in him in the first place. If it’s anyone fault what happened, it’s Patrick’s because it was his idea to begin with.

I couldn’t get enough of this story. Once I reached the ending, I was still thinking about the story afterwards and wondered what happened to everyone after. This was an unique story, beautifully written. A story that will have you on edge of your seat. I fell in love with it, there wasn’t anything that I didn’t enjoy. Astonishing and worth every page.

Dec 26, 2016

The Last Best Kiss.

the last best kiss.
claire lazebnik.

Publisher Harper Teen. 
Publication Date: April 22,2014
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance.
Format|Pages: EBook|374.
 Source:  Goodreads|Bought.

Anna Eliot is tired of worrying about what other people think. After all, that was how she lost the only guy she ever really liked, Finn Westbrook.

Now, three years after she broke his heart, the one who got away is back in her life.

All Anna wants is a chance to relive their last kiss again (and again and again). But Finn obviously hasn’t forgotten how she treated him, and he’s made it clear he has no interest in having anything to do with her.

Anna keeps trying to persuade herself that she doesn’t care about Finn either, but even though they’ve both changed since they first met, deep down she knows he’s the guy for her. Now if only she can get him to believe that, too....

THE LAST BEST KISS was the second novel that I read by CLAIRE LAZEBNIK . I fell in love with first novel I read by her TROUBLE WITH FLIRTING, so I had set high expectations for this novel. Unfortunately I found myself disappointed because I ended up not enjoying this novel like I figured I would. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy this novel but not like I did with her other one. I actually felt like this one dragged more than it should have. Top of that, it didn’t have as much romance as I thought that it would. I felt like it talked more about her and her friends and her family, then the romance and maybe that’s why it was a bit slow for me. I found out more about her friends, her family then the relationship. THE LAST BEST KISS didn’t turn out like I imagined it would.

I found it hard to feel sorry for Anna, especially considering how she treated Finn in the past, how she hurt him. I didn’t think that he would give her another chance, considering how he acted with her at start, there was no way. At same time, I couldn’t see him with Lily either, she was so different from him. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what he saw in her. I wondered if he actually liked Lily or it was some way to make Anna jealous. Lily was one of those characters that I tried so hard to like, but I couldn’t seem to find it in me to like her for some reason. One minute she kissing Finn, next she dumping him, it was as if she couldn’t make up her mind or got bored. It had me wonder if she actually liked him.

I did enjoy the book, there were some parts is what kept me on reading the book, to finish the book. Despite fact how Anna treated Finn in past, I did like the bond that Finn and Anna had. How they were there for one another after Lily’s accident, despite her accident. How they both told Lily about their feelings for one another because they wanted make sure she was okay with it. I feel like neither of them got over each other. It was like Finn did come back for her and to try start over again. I got admit that both the cover and the title is one of the things that attracted my attention to this book. Despite the slow part, it was enjoyable book.

Things We Know By Heart.

things we know by heart.
jessi kirby.

Publisher Harper Teen. 
Publication Date: April 21,2015
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance.
Format|Pages: EBook|304
 Source:  Goodreads|Bought.

When Quinn Sullivan meets the recipient of her boyfriend’s donated heart, the two form an unexpected connection.

After Quinn loses her boyfriend, Trent, in an accident their junior year, she reaches out to the recipients of his donated organs in hopes of picking up the pieces of her now-unrecognizable life. She hears back from some of them, but the person who received Trent’s heart has remained silent. The essence of a person, she has always believed, is in the heart. If she finds Trent’s, then maybe she can have peace once and for all.

Risking everything in order to finally lay her memories to rest, Quinn goes outside the system to track down nineteen-year-old Colton Thomas—a guy whose life has been forever changed by this priceless gift. But what starts as an accidental run-in quickly develops into more, sparking an undeniable attraction. She doesn't want to give in to it—especially since he has no idea how they're connected—but their time together has made Quinn feel alive again. No matter how hard she’s falling for Colton, each beat of his heart reminds her of all she’s lost…and all that remains at stake.

As you are aware by now, you will know that I have been fan of JESSI KIRBY since I read her debut novel MOONGLASS back in 2012. It has been over a year since I last read anything by her. I had THINGS WE KNOW BY HEART in my Nook for a while and now that I have read it, I wished that I picked up sooner than I had. At same time, I am glad I am on winter break from work so have more time to read it. From the minute that I started reading THINGS WE KNOW BY HEART on Christmas day, I did not want to set it down. If it wasn’t for spending time with my family, I most likely wouldn’t had. I did spend most of that night reading it, because I wanted to see what would happen with Quinn and Colton next, if he would find out about Trent and what his reaction might be. JESSI KIRBY will have on the edge of the seat from the first page till the last.

Quinn and Colton’s relationship started like any other teens, expect it wasn’t what Quinn planned on. At start she just wanted to see the person who had her boyfriend’s heart but not get involved in his life. I don’t think that falling in love with him, was in her plans, especially after losing her boyfriend Trent. I know that she didn’t plan on it, but how can you not love someone like Colton? The way he took care of her, even though he just met her. I have this feeling that he felt that the two of them had some sort connection despite fact that they just met. Otherwise why else would he go all that way, to see her, to tell her that he loved spending time with her. I could tell that Quinn tried to deny the pull she felt towards Colton, because of Trent and also because she felt guilty because she wasn’t being honest with him. I had this bad feeling that it might not end well when he did find out. That someone would get hurt. Which is what happened. Which is why I was smiling when they worked out, despite the situation, they deserved one another. They were happy together.

THINGS WE KNOW BY HEART was beautifully written, filled with so many emotions. I could feel all the pain, guilt, love that Quinn was filling through the novel. Despite fact that it was a heart aching story, I couldn’t get enough of Quinn &Colton’s story. I found myself rooting for their happy ending. It’s what Trent would wanted for Quinn. Another breath taking story by JESSI KIRBY . I cannot wait to see what story she has in store for us next.

Dec 20, 2016

Vacation: December 21-31.

Hey everyone,
First of all i wanted to thank everyone who been reading my blog.  It means a lot.  I just wanted update you. Tomorrow, December 21 i am flying to Arizona with my brother to see family over the holidays.  I be back on 31st. I will probably have limited internet access while there.  So there possibility i might not do any reviews till the new year.  

I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Let 2017 be a wonderfull year.  


Rogue (Talon,#2)

julie kagawa.

Publisher  Harlequin Teen.
Publication Date: April 28,2015
Genre: YA Fantasy | Romance.
Format|Pages:  Hardcover|444.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.

Deserter. Traitor. Rogue.

Ember Hill left the dragon organization Talon to take her chances with rebel dragon Cobalt and his crew of rogues. But Ember can’t forget the sacrifice made for her by the human boy who could have killed her—Garret Xavier Sebastian, a soldier of the dragonslaying Order of St. George, the boy who saved her from a Talon assassin, knowing that by doing so, he’d signed his own death warrant.

Determined to save Garret from execution, Ember must convince Cobalt to help her break into the Order’s headquarters. With assassins after them and Ember’s own brother helping Talon with the hunt, the rogues find an unexpected ally in Garret and a new perspective on the underground battle between Talon and St. George.

A reckoning is brewing and the secrets hidden by both sides are shocking and deadly. Soon Ember must decide: Should she retreat to fight another day…or start an all-out war? 


As everyone aware already, I have been a big fan of JULIE KAGAWA since I read her Iron Fey Series . She has a way that has you relating to characters, their emotions, despite fact that it’s a fictional book. I had read novels about dragons before this series and I liked them but once I read this series, I fell in love with them. JULIE KAGAWA is unlike any novel about dragons that I have read. It deals with dragon organization, Talon, dragons blending as human, rogue dragons. How can you not love a book like that? Even though I had loved TALON my love for series grew more once I read ROGUE . I feel as if there was more going on, and more action in ROGUE then there was in first book of series. Ever since I read the first book, I was curious to see what would happen with Ember, Garret and Riley next. Especially after what happened at end of Talon. There was a lot going in this book and I was so invested by their stories that I had hard time putting it down.

Love triangles, of course that is nothing new when it comes to books like these. I usually love them but I do wish Ember would just choose. I know that Riley and Ember would be the right choice considering that the both of them are dragons, but at the same time I see how much Garret loves Ember and fact that he doesn’t care that she’s a dragon, not anymore. That should say something shouldn’t it? Even though I do love Riley, well I learned to love him more after reading this book. I am still leaning towards Ember ending up with Garrett. The two of them have a special connection, which is something that Riley and Ember don’t have, at least in my opinion. I had feeling she would be torn apart especially once Riley confessed how much he cares about her, which is unlike him. I did feel myself as sad as Ember when Garrett left and I am curious if he actually stay or if he end up coming back.

Even if there were some questions that were answered in this book, I feel more you read this series, you will end up with new questions. JULIE KAGAWA has a way of ending her book with cliffhanger that has you craving for the next book. I wanted to know what would happen with Garrett, what he would discover. If he would come back or stay away. I loved fact that Riley’s past in Talon was added into this book. I could understand him more afterwards and know why he acts way he way. It was interesting to go in his past while he was still in Talon. I was always interested the real reason that he went Rogue and once I read it, I couldn’t blame him for wanting out. As for Dante, I loved that character and I hoped that maybe he see that Talon has been lying and join his sister, but after this book, I am not sure that it is going happen anytime soon. I can see how dedicated he is to Talon. I do feel heartbroken for Ember, considering he was only family that she had left. I am eager to see if he stays with organization or see it what it is.

ROGUE will have you on edge of your seat, from start to the end. You will find yourself falling in love with the story, the characters even more. I can’t wait to see what’s in store next for Ember, Riley and Garrett. What obstacles they will have to face next.

Dec 11, 2016

Our Chemical Hearts.

our chemical hearts.
krystal sutherland.

Publisher G.P Putnam's Sons Books. 
Publication Date: October 4,2016.
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|313
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.

Henry Page has never been in love. He fancies himself a hopeless romantic, but the slo-mo, heart palpitating, can't-eat-can't-sleep kind of love that he's been hoping for just hasn't been in the cards for him—at least not yet. Instead, he's been happy to focus on his grades, on getting into a semi-decent college and finally becoming editor of his school newspaper. Then Grace Town walks into his first period class on the third Tuesday of senior year and he knows everything's about to change.

Grace isn't who Henry pictured as his dream girl—she walks with a cane, wears oversized boys' clothes, and rarely seems to shower. But when Grace and Henry are both chosen to edit the school paper, he quickly finds himself falling for her. It's obvious there's something broken about Grace, but it seems to make her even more beautiful to Henry, and he wants nothing more than to help her put the pieces back together again. And yet, this isn't your average story of boy meets girl. Krystal Sutherland's brilliant debut is equal parts wit and heartbreak, a potent reminder of the bittersweet bliss that is first love. 

There are a lot of emotions that are going through me right now, after reading this book. I have been wanting to read for a while but was on wait list for a while. I have heard about this book for couple months now and of course the curiosity got the best of me. Plus the title, OUR CHEMICAL HEARTS how can you not be curious about it? Along with cover, when I came across it, wasn’t like any other YA love story It had fish on the cover, blue fish and that had me wondering if there was some meaning behind it. Once I read Henry and Grace story, both the cover and the title made sense, it fit the story perfectly. It fit Grace and Henry’s connection perfectly. Besides people talking about, cover and title what had captured my attention and I am glad that it did. OUR CHEMICAL HEARTS was incredible, had me wishing that I wasn’t so busy at work so had more time to read it. I was drawn into Henry and Grace’s story.

Grace and Henry isn’t like other YA love story, it deals with a lot of heartbreak and pain. At least that the feeling that I got from the story. I could tell that there was some connection with two of them from time that they met. I had my doubts that Grace cared for Henry, especially considering how she lost her boyfriend not that long ago. As time passed and as two of them spend time with one another, I could tell that she cared for him even if it didn’t seem like it. I did feel bad for Henry, she was up and down with him. One day she kisses him, the next she keeps her distance as if she couldn’t make up her mind. I got that feeling that she didn’t love him way he loved her. Maybe she was afraid to let him in, or maybe it was because she was still hanging on her dead boyfriend. I never did figure that part out. It did not have the end you suspect it did and that’s what I loved about because it was unique, unexpected.

Hard for me to believe that OUR CHEMICAL HEARTS was KRYSTAL SUTTERLAND debut novel because her writing was incredible. Reading it, you will go on journey along with both Henry and Grace and will connect to them and find yourself imagine everything that happens, feel all their thoughts, feelings. There were few slow parts in the book but those picked up fast. I couldn’t get enough of this story. It was heartbreaking yet astonishing novel about first love, broken hearts and learning to let go.

Courage To Soar: A Body In Motion, A Life in Balance.

courage to soar
A body in motion
a life in balance .
simone biles.

Publisher Zondervan.
Publication Date: November 15,2016
Genre: Adult Nonfiction|Memoir|Sports.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|240.
             Source:  Goodreads|Library.

Simone Biles’ entrance into the world of gymnastics may have started on a daycare field trip in her hometown of Spring, Texas, but her God-given talent, passion, and perseverance have made her one of the top gymnasts in the world, as well as a four-time winner of Olympic gold in Rio de Janeiro.

But there is more to Simone than the nineteen medals—fourteen of them gold—and the Olympic successes. Through years of hard work and determination, she has relied on her faith and family to stay focused and positive, while having fun competing at the highest level and doing what she loves. Here, in her own words, Simone takes you through the events, challenges, and trials that carried her from an early childhood in foster care to a coveted spot on the 2016 Olympic team.

Beautiful, heartbreaking, inspiring story about one girl’s dream.

I have been curious about SIMONE BILES since I see her at Olympics trials, followed by the Olympics in 2016. I couldn’t help but wonder, how did she get there? and I had always been fascinated about gymnastic, despite fact that I was never good at it. I had read GABBY DOUGLAS memoir the year before. I was curious what journey SIMONE BILES had to face to get her to the Olympics. I knew that I had read her story once I found out that she had written a memoir. I wasn’t disappointed. COURAGE TO SOAR had my attention from the start till the end. There was a part of me that didn’t want to come to end, because I felt like I was saying goodbye to a friend.

I was proud of what Simone had accomplished, and fact that she didn’t give up. No matter how tough it got. I think it helped that she had support from both her family, and her friends and her coach. All of them were a big part of her success. I think if it was me, I wouldn’t been able to make it as far as her, under all of that pressure that she had to face. However, she made it, Simone had made it into Olympics even if it took her a while to get there. Simone is strong and dedicate and when she won, I was proud of her and all of her teammates. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for her next.

Do you love sports? Gymnastics? This memoir is worth every page. Once you pick it up, you won’t put it down till the end.

It’s breathtaking.

Anna Dressed In Blood (Anna,#1)

Anna dressed in blood.
Danielle paige.

Publisher  Tor Teen. 
Publication Date: July 3,2012
Genre:YA  Fantasy| Horror|Romance.
Format|Pages:  Hardcover|316.
 Source:  Goodreads| Library. 

Cas Lowood has inherited an unusual vocation: He kills the dead.

So did his father before him, until he was gruesomely murdered by a ghost he sought to kill. Now, armed with his father's mysterious and deadly athame, Cas travels the country with his kitchen-witch mother and their spirit-sniffing cat. They follow legends and local lore, destroy the murderous dead, and keep pesky things like the future and friends at bay.

Searching for a ghost the locals call Anna Dressed in Blood, Cas expects the usual: track, hunt, kill. What he finds instead is a girl entangled in curses and rage, a ghost like he's never faced before. She still wears the dress she wore on the day of her brutal murder in 1958: once white, now stained red and dripping with blood. Since her death, Anna has killed any and every person who has dared to step into the deserted Victorian she used to call home.

Yet she spares Cas's life. 



I cannot believe that it took me this long to read this book. Now I can see why people are in love with ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD because I fell in love with it, as well the characters. I had been coming across this book for few months, yet I didn’t get a chance to pick up, not till I came across at library. Once that I did, I didn’t want to put it down because I wanted to see how it would turn out. I was curious if Cas would kill Anna. I knew that there was something that held him back from killing, just way that he kept coming up with excuses. That wasn’t how it was with the last ghost that he killed. I believe that Cas and Anna established a bond when Anna came to his rescue the first time around. A bond that neither of them realized they had at first. Otherwise why would he keep coming to her to talk, instead of finding ways to kill her like he should have. ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD had suspense all through the book that has you on the edge of the seat. It was almost impossible for me to put the book down.

I love stories about ghost, ghost hunters. I have read few through my life. ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD was unlike the others that I came across. First of all, there was more horror and bloody details in this book that the others. I’m not as big on horror books as I am on other genres but I do read them. I loved everything about this one, and it was unlike any other horror books that I have read out there. ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD had my interest till I reached the end of the book. Even once I reached the end, I had more questions especially after Anna sacrificed herself for Cas. Now what? What is going to happen to Anna now? The curiosity had me wishing that I had the next book in series so I can see what’s going come in store for everyone.

I love the cover. It’s creepy because of the way that Anna is standing with the house in front of her. Yet it’s engaging and the cover alone will grab your attention and have you picking up the book, especially if you into mysterious, horror novels. This was a first KENDARE BLAKE novel that I had read and now I am eager to check out the rest.

Dec 2, 2016

Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes & Growing Up.

sorry not sorry
dreams, mistakes & growing up.
Naya Rivers.

Publisher Tarcherperigee
Publication Date: September 13,2016.
Genre: Adult Nonfiction|Memoir.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|241
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.

Funny and deeply personal, Sorry Not Sorry recounts Glee star Naya Rivera's successes and missteps, urging young women to pursue their dreams and to refuse to let past mistakes define them. 


I have been fan of NAYA RIVERA since I had seen her on the hit show, GLEE years earlier when I had first discovered it. I have heard that she was writing a memoir and I was curious, about how she got where she is now. There were so much that I had learned just from reading this novel, things that I wouldn’t even guessed about her. Like her issues with the money and that she had an issue getting her acting career started, that she even once worked at Hooters. The way that NAYA RIVERA had written her autobiography which was so personal but at the same time, getting the readers drawn to her story, and have them wonder how she got where she is today. I know that I was. I felt like I couldn’t get enough of her story.

Naya’s story was beautiful but yet filled with pain too. She had went through a lot of struggles through her life, since she realized her passion for acting. If that were me, I don’t think I would been able to handle everything that she had. That was a lot for one of person to handle without having some sort of breakdown. I am just glad that she had her mother and her friends to help her through some struggles. In life, sometimes you learn through your mistakes. That feels is what had happened to her. It was a well written, inspiring and beautiful story. Of course I loved reading about her Glee days as well.

I love memoirs and this was one of the best. Worth every single page.


Story For Dessert Published @ 2014 by Ipietoon