Aug 20, 2014

The Right Song.

the right song.
shane morgan.

Publisher  TSW Books
Publication Date:July 31,2014
Genre:YA Contemporary| Romance
Format|Pages:E book|340
Source: Goodreads|Owned



Pain never truly goes away, until you find something deeper and meaningful that cures the heart and fills it with love. 

That is what Aurora desperately wants to believe. That somehow her music can save her, or even touch the unreachable heart of the guy she has liked for years. 

Rora yearns for his attention and wants to experience this so-called love that could possibly end her long suffering and inspire her to chase after her dreams. 

In deeply understanding the feelings of others and herself, will Aurora give up on ever finding true happiness, or will an intriguing soul teach her about the greatest song ever written? 

Did you come across a book that left you speechless? That you found yourself thinking about afterwards? The Right Song was that book from me, I fell in love with most characters and it felt like I went on this journey along with them. Beautifully written, heartbreaking, inspiring. It had me smiling, crying. I had met Shane Morgan a while back through Goodreads but had no chance to read her books. After reading The Right Song I wished that I have, I already know that she’s going be an author I am going love. I always loved the books that deal with music because I love music myself, this novel was one of best novels about music. It wasn’t just about music but about finding yourself and believing in yourself, following your dreams. It was realistic. The Right Song is story I could imagine happening in real life. It was breathtaking, every page. 

How could you not love Aurora? I did even when she was frustrating at times. For fact that she would deny her feelings for Daegan, especially after he kissed her and she couldn’t stop thinking about him, how is that not a sign that she liked him. Of course in beginning he was last person I thought that she would end up with, I figured that it would be Milo. You couldn’t help but feel sorry for her, both of her parents dead and on her birthday? I don’t think I would even celebrate birthday if that happened. She seemed sad half of time, unless she was writing her songs, or If she was with Daegan. He changed her in a way. If it wasn’t him convincing her to sing live, I don’t think she would done it and after singing she went far, her biggest dream come true. It had me smiling of how happy she was. I felt like I could connect with her and by end of book it felt like I knew her. That’s good writing. 

Of course I loved Daegan, at first I was bit hesitant about him at first because he seemed be where she was. The first question that had popped into my mind, is he stalking her? Just like Aurora thought too. He seemed bit weird and moody too. One minute he was nice with her, next her was rude and I wondered if depression ran in his family, that’s why he had the scars on his wrists. That was a reason I didn’t see them together at start because they were different and of how he acted half of time. But as book progressed, I noticed that he cared about her, way he looked at her, how he was one able convince her to sing love, how he reacted when she sang him love song. He was in love with her. I don’t know how she didn’t see sighs, she spent half of time with him. Now Milo, I liked him but I didn’t see the connection between two of them, not same way then between her and Daegan. At first there was bit connection but then it seemed like he liked her more than she did, otherwise why would she pull away when he tried kiss her. Leave him at dance by himself. I was smiling when her and Daegan got together at the end. 

I loved fact that Shane wrote most of Music Lyrics in the book, I loved every single one of them and the fit the story so well. This is an author that will go a long way. I’m looking forwards to checking out rest of her writing. 

The Right Song is a story about Love, loss, and believing in yourself. It’s a book that will take your breath away and you will find yourself thinking about afterwards. It’s worth every page.


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