Jun 12, 2021




A shooting at a Chicago beach leaves several dead and dozens injured. In the year before the attack, four individuals emerge as possible suspects. 

An apathetic computer programmer. 

An ex-college athlete with a history of head injuries. 

An Army veteran turned Chicago cop. 

A despondent high school student. 

One of them is the shooter. Discover who and why. 

“Parabellum is taut, slow-burning crime fiction at its best. And it’s a great deal more than that.” - Paul Flower, author of The Great American Cheese War 

If you like nuanced literary crime fiction that explores the depths of the human psyche, you’ll love Greg Hickey's compelling and unforgettable novel.



Mysterious. Realistic. Memorable.  

*Thank you to the author, Greg Hickey, for providing with a copy of the book, in exchange for an honest review * 

Through the years, I have read few different books about shootings. However, those books mostly consisted of school shootings, and some were caused by accident. Parabellum was unlike any of the others that I have read. The author draws you in the right from the start—mass shooting on the beach. As a reader, you cannot help but wonder who is behind the shooting and the shooter’s motive. Was it for revenge? Or was the shooter disturbed in some way? You could not help but wonder what led to the even if the shooting was planned. After such a mysterious opening, you will keep on turning the pages because you are curious to see who the killer is; how it started. Parabellum is an impossible book to put down. There were few times where I had to force myself to put it down because it was getting late. Parabellum is the book that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end. 

Parabellum will have going through few different emotions. It’s not an easy book to read, but it’s powerful. I was thinking about the book, the characters long after I turned the last page. The characters don’t go by the names, at least not until the unique. I thought that it was a unique way to tell the story. I did get confused a couple of times, but it did not last long. I have never read a book where you weren’t aware of the characters' names before. I liked the way that their names were revealed towards the end of the book. All through the book, I wondered which one of them was the killer. I loved that the book had you guessing until the end. I loved the cover and the book's title; it has a mysterious look and perfectly fits the story. Greg Hickey is an author that I wished that I had discovered earlier. Now that I have, I cannot wait to see what he has in the story for us next. 

Highly recommended.


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