About Me.

I'm Jenia  but also go by Jen and Jenna.
  31 years old with  Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education, and Diploma in Occupational Therapy Aide.
✰  From Russia, Moscow but  lived in United States   since i was  11 years old.
✰  Lived in Florida, Virginia  & Arizona.
✰  Was Teaching Assistant  Infant - Preschool from August 2012- January 2016
✰  Co-Teacher in Toddler Classroom since August 2016.
✰  Been writing since young age.   Finished my first book,  Forever Promises in 2014 which hope to publish once revision process in completed.
  Love  reading.
  Love helping others.  Love making new friends.
  A big baseball & Hockey Fan. 

   Had Blog since  2011.   I had done few reviews for authors. So if you like get your book reviewing, feel free to  contact me. 

Questions?  Feel free ask me. I love meeting new people.


Story For Dessert Published @ 2014 by Ipietoon