Dec 28, 2011

The Best Of Me.

The Best Of Me.
Author:Nicholas Sparks.
Publisher:Grand Central Publishing.
Publication Date: October 11,2011.

“The Best Of Me” by Nicholas Sparks is a love story between high school sweethearts Dawson Cole & Amanda Collier who get torn apart, only to get reunited 20 years later after death of Tuck Hostetler, causing the old feelings they had for one another all those year, to appear. Causing conflict, tension between the two couple.

I have been wanting read this book from the moment it came out and I finally got it for my birthday, back in November. Once again, Nicholas Sparks created another amazing story. It had conflict, suspense, action and crime added to it. I loved the fact that the novel wasn’t only about romance but also had danger added to it, like when his cousin tried to kill him, even after so many years had passed. Second, It always kept me wondering what’s going to happen next, especially after Dawson keep seeing that man after an explosion of the Oil Rig, he kept saving his life over again and I kept wanting to find out who it was. It was a shock to me once it was revealed that it was the doctor he accidently killed.

I love how in the last couple novels, Nicholas put dangerous twist in novels. I loved the part about Amanda’s son and it made me cry, made me feel scared, I could actually imagine what she was going through her mind. I like all those twists, it was because of twist and the attraction, relationship between Amanda & Dawson keeps my attention the entire time. This novel was hard for me to put down from moment I picked it up, the only reason I did was because I had study, otherwise I would spend hours reading it. The different point of views fit this novel very well. I could tell that Amanda & Dawson love each other even after so many years passed, I had a feeling that they always would. I would recommend this book to everyone who loves romance, action with some suspense added to it. I can’t wait to see what Nicholas Sparks will come up with next; I always look forward to his novels. In all the years I been reading his novels, there hasn’t been a single one I didn’t enjoy.

Dec 27, 2011

Anna & The French Kiss

Anna And The French Kiss.
Stephanie Perkins
Publication Date: December 2, 2010.
Genre:Romance/Young Adult.

I first heard about Anna and the French Kiss on a facebook fan page that I joined. Afterwards I came across it in bookstore but had no money to get it. I ended up getting the book for my birthday, In November. I loved it; this was an amazing debut novel by Stephanie Perkins . I was hooked from very first sentence, I wanted to see what would happen to Anna from the start, I was curious how she would adjust to life in Paris. I loved that the story took place in Paris.
Anna is happy with her life in Atlanta, she has a great best friend and a Crush who is just starting return the affection. Anna isn’t too pleased when her father sends her off to boarding school in Paris, for her senior year. Even though she doesn’t know French, she soon makes fast friends, including the handsome St.Clair. Anna & St. Clair become instant best friends.

However, the more time the two of them spend time together, the deeper feelings develop. However there is one problem, St.Clair is taken and a friend of hers has a major crush on him as well. The more they are together, the harder it gets for her. Only question, will St.Clair realize that he wants to be with Anna. Will Anna finally get the kiss, she wanted for so long?

I loved the friendship between St.Clair & Anna. Somehow I had the feeling that they would bond from very beginning. There was a special connection between the two of them. I could tell from the moment they met, that there was attraction between the two of them. I also knew for fact that St. Clair felt the same, ever since the movie scene, I knew that the feelings were there, and I’m pretty sure that was the reason that he and his girlfriend fought. I loved the fact that St.Clair and Anna remained best friends through most of the novel, not get together, fall in love right away. I could feel the tension between the two of them as well, whenever they were together though.

I loved the Paris scene, when St.Clair and Anna were exploring it together. It drew such beautiful scene, I could actually imagine it. I felt as I was actually there, In Paris. I wanted to be there, actually. There were times I wanted to scream at St.Clair when one minute he’s best friends with Anna; next, he’s ignoring her. However, I liked that their relationship was more of like/ hate kind of relationship or it seemed like at times. Even if he was a jerk, I loved the fact that he was always there for Anna in the end. Like when she found about her crush and her best friend, just like she was there when he found about his mom.

There wasn’t anything that I didn’t like about this novel. If I could give it more than 5 stars, I would. From moment I read it, Stephanie had become one of my favorite authors; I can’t wait to read her other books. I would recommend this to everyone, especially anyone into romance. You won’t be disappointed.

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